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Look, Book,
Park & Power Up

Choose from thousands of parking and EV charging locations nationwide

Choosing Your Spot With Ease

Looking for a parking space or EV charging station can be frustrating and equally time-consuming. So let us do the work for you. With just a click of a button, Park Yourself helps you find and secure your spot.

Look (Anywhere, Anytime)

Search for great parking or vehicle charging spaces near your destination. We list thousands of lots, garages, private driveways, parking spaces and Electronic Vehicle charging hubs in real-time. Compare locations using multiple filters including distance and price.

Book (Simple & Easy)

Book on the spot and pre-pay in advance to reserve your desired parking or charging space and have a guaranteed slot waiting for you upon your arrival.

Park (Convenient)

Redeem your purchase seamlessly at your selected location. No more worries and no more driving around looking for the perfect spot. With Park Yourself, you get to save time and money with hassle-free drive-ins.

What's so Special About Park Yourself?

Save Time

With all the available spaces at your fingertips, Park Yourself allows you to cut your search time in half. Book and pay for your space on the spot or in advance and you’re guaranteed to have a convenient time on the go.

24 / 7 Support

Our support team is available round-the-clock to assist you with your inquiries and concerns. Contact the parking lot staff to get answers quickly using a simple in-app chat feature.


No more driving around looking for an empty lot, street parking or the nearest EV charging station during your trip. Park Yourself removes your worries about expiring meters, parking tickets and unwanted interruptions on the road.


Rent out your unused or rarely-used spaces and charging stations to other drivers for some extra cash.

Rent Out Your Parking or Charging Space

Make easy money by leasing out your parking spaces. If you have a driveway, parking space or a parking lot that is unused at certain times, we can help you make money by renting it out to verified drivers all at your preferred schedule – so no worries, no unexpected surprises.

Skyrocket your earnings by sprucing up your parking space with an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging feature to attract more drivers. Alternatively, if you have a stand-alone EV charging station, simply sign up and start getting bookings from drivers nearby.

It’s absolutely FREE to register your rental, and it only takes a few minutes to get up and running. So, what are you waiting for?
Rent Out Your Parking or Charging Space

Parking Space Types

We welcome properties ranging from a single residential driveway or space, up to commercial parking lots and garages. We also work with vacant/ empty lands waiting for development.

EV Charging Hubs

Existing charging stations are ideal. We can also assist a parking space provider in powering up their properties with new electrification systems.

Custom Dates

Make your spaces available based on your desired schedule and preferences.

Instant Bookings

You have the flexibility to allow drivers to book your spaces in real-time, or reserve the space in advance.

Instant Notifications

Get real-time notifications when your spaces are booked.

Special Events

We partner with Event Producers to simplify parking logistics and create a revenue stream in an area that often gets overlooked.

Multiple Properties

Our system allows for the management of multiple locations and features under a single account. You can manage staff access levels across each property and add EV charging stations to an existing rental. Reports may be filtered by account or location based on your preference.

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